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About Us

M.A.T. Industries, Inc. is a family owned business located in Jacksonville, Alabama.  We have been in business for over 30 years providing a quality American-made product at a great value to schools and child care centers across the country and beyond. 

Our product was developed because the towel or blanket from home or that plastic mat from the mass retailers sell left much to be desired.  With this in mind, we developed what we consider the complete rest mat - The Kid-Napper®.  The Kid-Napper®  is made of a thickly quilted material with a built in non-removable pillow. The Kid-Napper®  can be rolled up and fastened with Velcro®  tabs for easy storage. Unlike plastic mats, the Kid-Napper® is completely machine washable and can be taken home and brought back the next day.

The beautiful patterns and bright colors enhance the environment of any classroom. The Kid-Napper®  is presently used in over 3500 public schools, private schools, and child care centers throughout the United States and abroad.


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